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Our capabilities consist of an organized and integrated environment of diverse specialties, high-level experts, and a huge advanced infrastructure. This environment will participate in delivering distinguished services in a broad variety of industries and sectors.




KAI has more than 4000 professors, in diverse scientific specialties holding academic degrees from well-respected international universities, to participate in delivering studies, consultations, scientific researches as well as supervision services in various fields. In addition, it is supported by more than 1,100 specialists and technicians holding high diploma and master degrees.


Basic Infrastructure

KAI utilizes the basic infrastructure of KSU which consists of:

  • A highly advanced, well-equipped and network-based infrastructure.
  • 41 colleges that have more than 200 academic departments serving all specialties.
  • Research facilities and global Partnerships.
  • Large well-equipped halls to host conferences, symposiums and lectures.
  • Diverse sport halls and equipments to host all sport activities.
  • An advanced print house to publish all types of publications.


Specialized Scientific Centers

The university has more than twenty-one research centers and six centers of excellence located at the most important colleges, serving specialized fields and connected with the needs of the community.



Research Centers

The function of the research centers is to create the appropriate scientific and research environment to enable researchers to conduct innovative research and develop advanced technology in order to place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a leading position in the relevant scientific fields. These centers are affiliated to the Deanship of Scientific Research.


Centers of Excellence

The centers of excellence in the various specializations and fields aim at manifesting the points of strength and distinguished fields inside them, and to foster and develop these into academic applied research centers in order to promote cooperation between universities and different sectors. The centers of excellence in research include the following:

        The Center of Excellence in Biotechnology.

        The Center of Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics.

        The Center of Excellence in Concrete Research.

        The Center of Excellence in Engineering Materials.

        The Center of Excellence in Information Assurance.

        The Center of Excellence in Biodiversity.


Specialized Centers

  • The Medical Education Center at the College of Medicine.
  • The National Center for Youth Research.
  • The Design Center.
  • The Health Education Center at the College of Medicine.
  • The Center for Pathology Learning Sources.
  • The GIS Center at the College of Arts.
  • Television Broadcasting and Production Center.
  • The Diploma and Courses Center at the College of Education.
  • The Archives Center.
  • The Center for Raising Experiment Animals.
  • The Translation Center.
  • Drug and Toxins Research Center at the College of Pharmacology
  • The Documentation Center.
  • The Seismic Studies Centers at the College of Sciences
  • The Courses Center.
  • The Agricultural Guidance Center at the College of Food & Agriculture
  • King Abdullah Center for Dialogue of Civilizations.
  • The Pioneering Center at the College of Business Administration.
  • The Investment Club at the College of Business Administration.
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KAI Profile